AI Uprising!

This week we have made a lot of progress in the AI character mechanics as well as blocking out our first level, based in Paris.

In terms of progress for AI, we have the following implemented to a working standard:

  • Move closer to the player if too far away to shoot.
  • If they have a ball, find the player and shoot.
  • If they don’t have a ball, stay in a reasonable range of the player.
  • When hit by a ball with speed, take damage.
  • Die when no lives left.

Below is a screen capture of when the AI’s ability to shoot was first implemented. As you can see this worked, however they had unlimited balls and died pretty quickly from the amount of balls spawned in the scene.

Here is the latest example of our AI working and the Unreal Blueprint:

AI find and shoot
AI Unreal Blueprint

In terms of the blockout not too much has changed this week. Instead, temporary blockout models have been in development to add a little more detail to the existing block out which will become even more apparent by the end of next week ready for the blog post. 

In the next blog post, we expect to have implemented team work with the AI so they will fire at the opponents and not just the main player. We will also have further progress in the Paris level as we prepare to test the environment with working AI. 

AI Uprising!