World War Sport:


Word War Sport: Dodgeball is a game demo concept for PC featuring fast-pased, FPS gameplay with a unique sporty twist. You play as a troop from the first world war, set during the famous Christmas Ceasefire which saw troops from both sides stop firing bullets and start kicking a ball. As this would be a first of a series of ‘World War Sport’ games, we wanted to make the first a completely different experience and therefore changed the tradition of Football for a game of Dodgeball!

Over the 9 months of development, we enjoyed learning and using Unreal Engine 4 and to experienced game development on a much larger scale than we have been used to. While it was too large of a project to finalise and publish, it worked well as a proof of concept and means we have potential to develop similarly large games in the future. 

We started Word War Sport: Dodgeball by firstly planning the design and gameplay features in a fully fledged Game Design Document. This helped us to smooth the development cycle and save valuable time from the get-go. The blockout below shows the blockout of the play arena, where red blocks represent buildings which would be enterable by the player.

For more information about Word War Sport: Dodgeball and the development process, please view our development blogs. This project is no longer in development while we work on other projects.