Getting Control

This week we have been working more on the main menu, getting it to work well with controller support.

This has been a challenge to get working as we would like due to the fact we need to ensure the user cannot get stuck in the UI, and only allowing the user to focus(select) on foreground items. This also involves adding expected behaviour from certain input, for example when opening an options pane, pressing the ‘Back’ button on the controller will exit the pop-up and return to the menu.

PS4 controller support

Other advances this week include an almost finalised Paris level blockout and some bug fixes within the AI characters.

As for now the blockout is finished with all the main features such as buildings, walkways and props. Further smaller details will be shortly added over the next few weeks such as sign post locations, pick up locations and various other items that will be found lying in the street.

As for the bug fixes, we found that AI couldn’t collect any health packs.
This turned out to be due to the team mechanic where they could find the health pack, but because it was not on their side of the court, they wouldn’t even attempt to collect it.

In the next blog post, you can expect to see an improvement in frame rate as we make the AI more efficient, moving a team’s intelligence to a single iteration, rather than handling it individually respective to each character. This should reduce the amount of Update/Tick calls per frame, helping smooth out the gameplay.

Getting Control