Happy Holidays!

This week we have made some changes to both the WWS (World War Sport) project and an exciting new update for Roller Castle. We have been using our time especially wisely this week by making as many 3D Model assets as we can during the limited time we have the license to do so. 

Render of a cabinet for World War Sport: Dodgeball

Our progress for WWS is coming along nicely as we churn out asset after asset and iterate on the gameplay mechanics and performance. 

This image shows a cabinet which is one of our 3D models for one of the levels. As you can see it also contains a number of items like cups, bowls and plates. We will be playing with the appearance of all our assets as they will have a cel/toon shader applied in the Unreal Engine. 

As you can see from the GIF, we have made quite a few changes both visually and game-changing. We have added a lot of festive visual changes which we hope our players will enjoy as much as we did making it. 

We heard our players feedback and are delighted to add an anti-camping mechanism with the addition of the cannons. Don’t stay still for too long or you will find yourself being fired upon! Other play changes include a new setting in the options screen to turn on or off the accelerometer tilt offset. This means you can now play how you want, with or without!

We are keen to keep updating Roller Castle with holiday themes throughout the year though spare time in between our other projects. 

The christmas update will be available to download by the end of next week. We will hopefully have an alpha version available before then should you want to try the changes before anyone else. Keep an eye on our Mailing list and social media pages if you want to be involved! 

Our next progress update will be in the beginning of the new year when we return. Wow this year has flown by! We are pleased with our progress this year and hope for an even better one next! Happy holidays everyone, see you in 2018!

Happy Holidays!