Lets get visual

This week we have been finishing off 3D assets ready to import as well as starting to add visual and mechanical changes within the project. We are happy how it is starting to come together and can’t wait for it to all in the Unreal Engine and start playing with colours, textures and placement. 

Using the Substance Painter plugin for the Unreal Engine, we have added some temporary textures to the environment to add detail to the game. We have also been using Photoshop to create assets like a tileable fence texture to surround the basketball court. As you can see below, we created a single part of the fence mesh which allows for small file size and seamless texture within the engine. 

Fence texture

We have been adding small features as well as optimising the pre-existing mechanics for gameplay. Below is an example of a ‘hidden’ (our readers will know 😉 ) easter egg where if you shoot a ball into the basketball hoops, you will earn a point for your team.  

In the next blog post, you can expect to see assets begin to make their way into the project. We are excited to see it all come together!

Lets get visual