This week we have been concentrating our time in ensuring we are organised, on-track, researching business registration, and finalising our plans on paper in the form of a design document.

So far, we are pleased with our progress in turns of development and speed of implementing iterated improvements. We are beginning to list all assets that will be needed for the game to streamline and make development as efficient and financially beneficial as possible when it comes to purchasing specific software’s.

We plan to attend EGX Rezzed in April next year, which is an organised event for indie developers, publishers and the public to exhibit their games, network with fellow developers and gain public interest in current and published projects. With this event in-sight, we are beginning to work on our business appearance, ensuring we have a professional appearance to the public and improving our networking skills so we are always prepared to communicate about our project. We have started by designing business cards which should be delivered by the next blog update. The design can be seen below:

Spectrolite Studio Business card

As for pre-production planning, we have begun building upon our design document to ensure all aspects of the game is on paper. This will include the following topics:

  • High Concept
  • Game Genre
  • Target Audience
  • Platform
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Walkthrough
  • Game Objectives
  • Game Overview
    • Gameplay
    • Plot and Characters
  • Screen Layout
  • Controls
  • Gameplay Mechanisms
  • Plot
  • Gameflow
  • Levels
  • Characters
  • Comparative Games
  • Technology

As you can see, this is a lot to cover in one document and will keep us busy up until the beginning of next week. We will consider publicly publishing this design document following completion of our project. If you would be interested in this possibility, let us know via contact page or social media accounts. 

While we have not made any visual changes to the game this week, we are still determined to create an informative blog and video update for our followers. Below you can find this week’s game progression video covering the above topics and showing a speed-build of a sniper asset:

In the next blog post, we will update you all on what we have accomplished with regards to the talked about topics above.