Secrets, Assets and Scores

We now have a portion of our assets in the game world and starting to create colours and textures for each until we see fit. To make this easier for us, we have created a secret room which will contain all assets in-game where we can try visuals before we decide to place them around the scene. This will be accessible in-game, but you will have to find it!

Secret Room

We are starting to create an in-game scoreboard too so you can see how you are comparing the AI/other characters. Once the leaderboard mechanic is in-place we will refer back to a previous blog where we discussed visuals and created a mock-up in Photoshop.

Next assets to be created are buildings, which are being marked out in the scene for walkable and non-walkable areas. 

Screen layout concept of player list
Scoreboard blueprint

We will start to need testers of the game, so if your interested, please sign-up for our mailing list to be in-the-know when were ready. 

In the next blog post you can expect to see more assets placed in the scene and hopefully a building or two in development. 

Secrets, Assets and Scores.