Streamline the development process

In the last blog post we spoke about organization and getting everything planned out in detail. This is so we can move on from the blocked-out levels and streamline the development process to save time and money.

This week has been very much the same with LOTS of paperwork being created. We have made a big leap in progression on our design document, filling most of the subheadings mentioned in the last blog post. We have also created an Excel sheet to keep track of all 3D assets needed for the levels, time needed to make them and how many are completed. Below you can see our template:

Modelling list template

You may have noticed a new look to our social media accounts this week. We have re-rendered our logo (took hours!) so we had a higher quality version that can have a cleaner, white background to stand out. We have used this as our social media profile pictures as well as on the front cover of our design document.

As mentioned in the last blog post, we will consider publicly posting our design document once our game is on the market.

We have made a few improvements to our website too! We have decided to make a weekly newsletter to notify you when we have a new blog post as well as be able to send you exclusive information and any promotional offers we can send to say thanks for supporting us. Sign-up on the form on this page or go to our newsletter page.

You will also find new share links at the bottom of all our blog posts should you wish to help us out. If your prefered social platform isn’t at the bottom, let us know. In the meantime, you can press the + sign and choose from more options.

We recently found a web service specifically aimed at projects like ours which allow indie game developers a place to publish and sell their games. This is an alternative option due the restrictions and fees associated with the larger, more popular platforms. To summarise, this guarantees our game to be on the PC market when complete! The service is called and you can see our page here.

On another note, last week we ordered some business cards… And they have arrived!

Spectrolite Studio Business cards

This week we have been mainly working on paperwork that we can’t show you (because it’s super duper top secret…). Because of this we have put together a quick video of some speed-modeling while we talk about our project. Watch below:

In the next blog post, we will have a finalised list of assets to be created and will be planning out how much time is needed so we can begin to purchase the softwares required. We have a meeting next week and will also have our design document finished and ready to present to them. We are putting some reference images together for preparation of concept art of characters which we hope to show off. As always, follow our social media accounts for more real-time updates and details.

Streamline the development process