Shop street from World War Sport: Dodgeball in development

To the shops!

This week we have been building up the level by adding small assets and buildings which the player will be able to enter. There is still more assets and building to add to these building blocks but is starting to… Read the rest

Lets get visual

This week we have been finishing off 3D assets ready to import as well as starting to add visual and mechanical changes within the project. We are happy how it is starting to come together and can’t wait for it… Read the rest
WWS: Dodgeball Screenshot

Back to it!

Happy new year everyone! (it’s not too late is it? It’s still January…) Hope everyone had a good Christmas break, we sure did. We have starting to get back into the swing of things here in the office where we… Read the rest
Spectrolite Studio Christmas Holidays Update

Happy Holidays!

This week we have made some changes to both the WWS (World War Sport) project and an exciting new update for Roller Castle. We have been using our time especially wisely this week by making as many 3D Model assets… Read the rest
Screen layout concept of player list

The next step

This week we have been busy with preparing our trip to Portsmouth for a meeting with our university adviser by ensuring the design document is up-to-date and presentable. As for the development of World War Sport: Dodgeball, we have been… Read the rest
Spectrolite Studio Business card


This week we have been concentrating our time in ensuring we are organised, on-track, researching business registration, and finalising our plans on paper in the form of a design document.So far, we are pleased with our progress in turns of… Read the rest
Unreal Engine team sides nav mesh

Team, Team, Team.

If you can’t work as a team… YOUR FIRED!This week we have reached a milestone with the AI by adding team mechanics and decision making. The AI characters are now assigned into a team and will find their teammates and… Read the rest

AI Uprising!

This week we have made a lot of progress in the AI character mechanics as well as blocking out our first level, based in Paris.In terms of progress for AI, we have the following implemented to a working standard:Move closer… Read the rest

Ready, Set, Dev!

Welcome! Yes, we’ve started planning our development and our studio is almost finished, ready for us to move in. This has been in the works for a while and is great to see it all come together. Over the period… Read the rest