Team, Team, Team.

If you can’t work as a team… YOUR FIRED!

This week we have reached a milestone with the AI by adding team mechanics and decision making. The AI characters are now assigned into a team and will find their teammates and opponents. They will also stay on their side of the level using their own navigation filter.

Unreal Engine team sides nav mesh

An extra addition to the gameplay has been the introduction of health packs. This benefits both the player and AI by allowing them to pick up the pack, giving them 1 extra life. The AI characters will automatically find and retrieve these if their health is low, providing them with some more intelligent decision making.

The level is also coming along nicely with temp assets being created and added to the scene. This will begin to give us an idea of the aesthetics of the level as more and more content is added.

Below is a couple of renders of a French taxi and a smartphone. The taxi has been positioned around the Paris level while the phone will be part of an Easter-egg inside the game, so keep that in-mind for release!

Render of a french taxi for our game at Spectrolite Studio

Below you can see some of our progress and the AI in action:

In the next blog post, you can expect to see more details in the environment as well as progress in the AI characteristics. 

Team, Team, Team.