The next step

This week we have been busy with preparing our trip to Portsmouth for a meeting with our university adviser by ensuring the design document is up-to-date and presentable. As for the development of World War Sport: Dodgeball, we have been playing with shaders in the Unreal Engine and trying to fine tune a look that we like; specifically cel/toon shaders.

The Design Doc

We have thought over more of the mechanics, characters, visual style, player level system and retention and included it all in the document. This will ensure we are on the same page and don’t lose track of the original idea during development.

UI is a topic of interest at the moment with regards to what needs to be shown and how to display it. Our main menu is going to be an interactive, living environment and each sub-menu will transition into a relevant location in the map. In-game will be displayed the games time remaining, mini-map and team score, while the players health, power-ups and if the have a dodgeball will be displayed.

Screen layout concept of player list

The Meeting:

We are very pleased with the meeting with our advisers and they didn’t have anything negative to say which is always a good thing! We received praise for our management, planning and general progress and gained some insightful suggestions and recommendations for going forward.

Our adviser has asked us to speak in one of his lectures for a ‘Prototyping and Iterating Game Design’ module which is an opportunity we are excited about.

In the next blog post, we will show off what we have managed to do with the shader as well as some of the models we are starting to create fo the scene.

The next step