To the shops!

This week we have been building up the level by adding small assets and buildings which the player will be able to enter. There is still more assets and building to add to these building blocks but is starting to come together nicely. 

Shop street from World War Sport: Dodgeball in development

There is still detail to go into the environment, like small brick placements on building walls to add a cartoon look. As you might have noticed, we have been playing around with lighting and textures to try and get the look and feel we want. In the image above we have gone with  no shadows from the light source and have added an emissive colour to the buildings, making them stand out from any angle without having darker alleyways. 

We are going to the Portsmouth showcase event on the 22nd March which will allow us to show our games and tell people what it is we do. There is also an award ceremony which will see some of the nominees be presented a prize from three different areas:

  • Business start-up of the year
  • Student/Graduate Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Staff Entrepreneurial Spirit

Votes close at Midnight on Sunday 18th February. You can vote using the link below:

If you would like to attend the event, use the Eventbrite like below:

In the next blog post you can expect to see more details added as well as a begin on character classes with different guns and abilities. 

To the shops!