UI, Character Design and Showcase

Over the past two weeks we have begun adding more building blocks which surround the game arena and started to look at our UI (User Interface) for the in-game overlay. This needs to show the following to the player at all times:

  • Lives (dodgeball hits) left
  • Game time left
  • Indication of Holding a dodgeball
  • Powerups in-use/can use
  • Mini-map
  • Current team score
  • Stamina (energy) bar to limit length of running
Screenshot showing the start of our UI design and new building asset

So far we have working health, stamina, timer, score and ball indication and trying different visual effects to get the look we want. As you can see there is still a fair bit of UI work to be done yet, but it is in the works!

In the image above, you can also see one of our building blocks we have been working on. This is one of the terraced streets which surround the game perimeter. 

Character Design for World War Sport: Dodgeball

Our characters are going to have a simple, low poly style to match that of our environment. Above you can see a quick example of one of our AI characters. We are currently working on design variation as well as animation, which we hope to have implemented in time for the Showcase on Thursday! 

If your attending the Portsmouth Enterprise Showcase, feel free to come and check us out. We will have a station set up for you to have an early play-test and a chance to provide us feedback. 

In the next blog post, you can expect to see our thoughts, feeling and feedback from the showcase. We are looking forward to have the chance to meet new people and show what we have been working on. 

UI, Character Design and Showcase