Unreal, Amazon Appstore and fun!

This week we have made some more progress on level design, using the First Person Controller as well as AI blueprints to control enemies within the Unreal Engine. Roller Castle is also now available on the Amazon Appstore for free should you wish to get it for your kid’s tablet.

Below is a peek at what we have been working on:

Alex Unreal Engine
Dan Unreal Engine

We have created some mood boards to get an idea of the look and feel of the level and assets to be created. These will be used to help initially block out levels and start to build up some visual context through inspiration.

A main part of this project will be the AI opponents which is why we have started developing the system early on. This will require learning more advanced Blueprint features and consider creating c++ classes to handle their actions in-game. While we have both used Blueprints, C++ and some AI features in a past project, this will require a more in-depth implementation.

In the video below you can watch all of these changes including the discussion of creating and updating our newest social media accounts including our Facebook page. Feel free to watch them and subscribe on YouTube to see the series come out alongside other gaming related videos!

In the next blog post we will cover our experiences with our paper prototyping and more with Unreal Engine. Included will be an updated video covering all the topics. New blog posts every Friday!

Unreal, Amazon Appstore and fun!