We have some options

This week we have added a main menu to help the player make in-game options. We are going to make this menu an interactive and living environment which will encourage an engaging user experience from the get-go. This form of menu will also allow us to show off the games assets and give the player a taste of what the enviroments will be like in-game.

tmp interactive main manu

The menu allows the user to select the following options:

  • Spectator mode (temporary)
  • Team size
  • Team side
  • Map select

We will amend, add and remove options as we see fit for temporary development as well as final player usage. Our menu design influence comes from inspiration of a few games like Dead Trigger (mobile),
WWE 2k18 (Console), Batman Arkham knight (PC, Console), the Uncharted series (Console) and The Last of Us (Console). All these titles have an immersive and interactive menu system which makes the games look and feel alive.

Let us know if you have any suggestions of your favorite main menu’s by leaving us a message on our Facebook Messenger.

Market Stall

The blockout over the past week has come along well including a slight introduction to a planned churchyard and market stalls. There were a few more issues with keeping the streets the same size now that the designated area is almost filled out which is where these much nicer improvisations have come from.

The aim for midway through next week is for the block out to be fully finished in terms of placing buildings and larger objects while then looking to move on to more detailed aspects such as locations for each pick up, easter egg and so on.

In the next blog post, you can expect to see a more advanced menu system and a finalized blockout of the Paris level. 

We have some options