Working as a team: Unreal Engine

To kick-start improving visuals in unreal, we are going to work on the same level simultaneously to get everything looking good, without interfering or damaging the others work. Before now, we were taking it in turns and managing who had change permission to the main game level. We saw this becoming an issue as we start to make more and more visual changes and therefore have moved to a new workflow. 

Before, all in-game assets where just placed in the level, which would be fine for a one manned team, but there is a better way: Unreal Blueprints. Below is how the Basketball Court section of the map appears in the level. This was a messy list of objects cluttering up the level inspector. 

Court Blueprint In Level

With the new and improved workflow in-place, we can now make changes to the level visuals without editing the level map itself. Below is the Basketball Court section of the map inside an Unreal Blueprint. This means in the level inspector, all that is listed is one object per section. If one of us makes changes to this Blueprint, it will be automatically updated in the map without directly changing the level map file. Much better!

Basketball Court Blueprint

To get a better idea of how much easier this makes editing in Unreal, here is a top down of our level which contains 15 ‘Building Blocks’ in the form of Blueprints. These 15 blocks contain over a hundred assets, but in the level itself is just 15 items which makes finding and changing assets a lot quicker and efficient.  

Top Down Building Blocks

We are looking into the Portsmouth University showcase event which is an opportunity to show and get the public to test a version of our game. This will provide us interest from a wide selection of audiences from fellow students to industry leading professionals. We will update you on more information in next weeks blog post. 

In the next blog post you can expect to see more visual changes and feedback on how our new workflow is working for us. 

Working as a team: Unreal Engine